Who We Are

The Sunflower Network is a creative arts based organisation dedicated to promoting positive child mental health and emotional well-being. We support children, adolescents and young people as well as those who support them; including parents and families, teachers and schools, charities & organisations. We also act as a hub for an extensive network of therapists, counsellors, therapeutic well-being practitioners and other professionals working with children, adolescents & young people.

Why We're Here

We have been founded to help answer a need for support, accessibility and education as well as providing opportunities for creativity, inspiration, and growth. Whilst emphasis lies with the children and young people we also wish to offer assistance, information and encouragement to the adults who care for them, as well as the wider community. 

Events & Workshops

Our mantra is EXPLORE, EDUCATE, ENABLE & INSPIRE which we aim to do by offering workshops, talks and events covering a wide range of relevant themes connected to mental health, well-being, creativity and human potential. Some events will be targeted at particular groups such as parents or teachers. Others will be open to all. We are also able to provide bespoke events tailor-made for your school, peer group or organisation with access to a diverse talent base of speakers from a wide range of fields of expertise. 

Practitioner Support Network

We run a peer support network for practitioners and professionals who work with children and young people creatively and therapeutically, as well as anyone with an interest in child mental health and emotional well-being. We organise regular meet ups, workshops and CPD opportunities and can also offer professional consultation and support for newly qualified practitioners in preparation for private practice and more generally as they start out in the therapeutic field. 


To educate and inform children & young people, parents, carers, teachers, professionals and the wider community

To disseminate research, offer consultation and share knowledge, expertise and information

To promote child & family mental health and emotional well-being with emphasis on creativity and human potential 

To create a positive culture and inspirational environment for communication, dialogue and learning

To convey the value and significance of creativity and play in human development, personal growth and change

To encourage enjoyment through sociable activities focusing on self-care, well-being and creativity

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