Who We Are

The Sunflower Network was created in 2019 by Lou Mason, a child and adolescent counsellor & former TV producer. Her intention was both to offer support & promotion of child mental health & emotional well-being and also to answer a need for connection and interactivity amongst practitioners across the UK & Ireland. The Sunflower Network is evolving at a steady pace and is staffed by a core team and a support team working closely with experts and consultants from a wide range of specialisms and skill sets.

Why We're Here

The Sunflower Network has evolved to become a central hub for both the professional practitioners working with children, young people & families and for those in search of support. To practitioners we offer CPD events & training, peer networking & connection, paid work referrals & sourcing and opportunities for professional and personal growth & inspiration. To those seeking support we have created The Sunflower Directory which offers a wide selection of verified practitioners and professionals and the ways in which they will be able to help.

The Sunflower Directory - Launching Later This Year 

The Sunflower Directory is a valuable and extensive resource listing professional practitioners working with children, young people & families in the UK & Ireland across a wide range of specialisms. The Directory and scope of practices and support it covers is growing and expanding rapidly and will evolve even further over time. All practitioners listed have been fully verified and checked, are highly experienced, appropriately trained for their scope of practice and come with the highest of professional recommendations.

CPD & Training

We offer a varied and eclectic range of CPD & training across each year focused mainly on CYP & families, but some trainings are universal. Formats range from evening talks to half days, full days and two day trainings. Discounts are available for multiple bookings and group bookings and it is possible to arrange to pay in instalments – please see the events page for details.

Bespoke Services

We can arrange bespoke training & CPD events for schools, charities, organisations, groups of practitioners & businesses. We can also help source therapists for projects and trainers for events.


If you have something you’d like to discuss with regard arranging a bespoke event, training or service then please email us on info@thesunflowernetwork.co.uk


Professional practitioners signing up to The Sunflower Directory gain membership of the Members Section of our website included in the fee. This is a social network and online community for verified professionals working with and supporting children, young people & families. For reasons of safeguarding & privacy, membership is currently only open to practitioners who have made a successful application to the Directory.