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Dr Karen Treisman - book to attend 3 days or 6 days and receive a discount

Please contact info@thesunflowernetwork.co.uk for more details and /or to arrange multiple event bookings, group bookings & Karen Treisman discounts. Offers do not not apply to any Soirées or the Setting Up in Private Practice training. 

Setting Up In Private Practice





April 24th & 25th (1place available)

May 22nd & 23rd (1place available) 

June 26th & 27th (limited places) 

July 24th & 25th 

September 11th & 12th 

October 9th & 10th 

Lou Mason 

An excellent training course for anyone setting up in private practice for the first time or looking for refreshers on their existing practice. Full of tips, practical how-to advice, template paperwork and encouraging & enthusiastic support. 

Online Sessions run across two mornings: 10.00 - 14.00 on a Saturday & a Sunday with short screen breaks


Prices available on request 

May Sunflower Soirée : Awakening the Colour Spectrum 

7th May 2021 7pm - 9pm 


Nerissa McDonald 

Our May Soirée will feature the fantastic Nerissa McDonald who will discuss her life and her work as a Black therapist, her experiences working with black children and her desire and dedication to opening up conversations & reflections about race to make therapy more accessible. 


There will also be an optional peer networking session between 6.15pm & 6.45pm for anyone who would like to connect up & chat. 


Tickets start from a £10 donation. 

GDPR Made Simple & Accessible 

8th May 2021 10am - 4.30pm 


Cath Knibbs 

This is a one day training with the brilliant Cath Knibbs who will help you to make sense of GDPR rules, regulations and requirements, how they directly affect and impact your clinical work and what you need to do to get yourself fully GDPR compliant. A complex and intimidating subject area made simple and accessible, and a chance to get on top of a vitally important (but often avoided) element of best practice. 


Transitions, Endings & Moving On

15th May 2021 10am - 4pm 


Dr Karen Treisman

This workshop offers some tools and ideas for supporting children and young people around transitions and moving on, such as moving to a new foster home, ending therapy, transitioning between schools, and other endings. 


Introduction to Using Life Story Therapy to Support Children, Young People and Families

22nd May 2021 10am - 4.30pm 


Paula Price 


This inspirational day from Paula is a great introduction to Life Story Therapy - what it is, how it works

and how it can be used with children, young people and families. 

It also includes creative ideas and exercises used in LST that can be taken home and used in session straightaway. 


Foundations In Safeguarding & Child Protection

5th June 2021 10am - 4pm 

Jessica Spenceley 

An excellent foundation level training on safeguarding & child protection for anyone working with or supporting children & young people. The training will be interactive and include a variety of teaching styles and ways of experiential learning, including peer sharing, networking & discussion.


Understanding the Impact of Trauma in Children & Adolescents 

10th & 11th July 2021 9.30am - 4pm both days 


Dr. Karen Treisman

This two day workshop features Karen's flagship trauma course - essential training for anyone working with or supporting children and young people.  Not only is this a rare occasion when the training is being presented online, this is the only opportunity across the whole of 2021 that this particular training is being offered publicly so don't miss your chance to sign up. 

£195 total for both days


You can also email us to arrange to pay in instalments, to arrange a group booking or to arrange for your place of work to pay for you: info@thesunflowernetwork.co.uk

Supporting Children and Teens around Bereavement, Death and Grief

25th & 26th September 2021 10am - 4pm both days 


Dr Karen Treisman

Supporting children and teens (with applications for adults as well) around bereavement, death and grief

£170 total for both days 

You can also email us to arrange to pay in instalments, to arrange a group booking or to arrange for your place of work to pay for you: info@thesunflowernetwork.co.uk

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