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If you are working with children and young people, families, organisations or communities it can be of great benefit to keep in touch with other professionals in your field for many reasons. 


We offer a peer support network designed to enable regular face to face meet ups and peer supervision as well as opportunities for sharing skills and information, access to CPD and practical advice, self-care opportunities and socialising. 

The support network is a constantly developing and evolving entity, and we want to hear from you as to what else we can provide and organise to help you be able to work confidently and effectively and to also manage your own ongoing learning and self-care. Please get in touch with any further ideas or enquiries, and we will try to find a way of answering your common needs. 

Our Portfolio For Practitioners:

Extensive forms of CPD covering a wide range of topics eg practical ‘how to’ talks, updated research and new information, workshops to help develop and strengthen skills for practice 

Regular face to face meet ups for peer networking and peer supervision

Opportunities to pilot your own workshops, talks, and ideas with accessibility to coaching & production advice and guidance 

Skills sharing - both one-to-one and within small groups

Dedicated opportunities for self-care; art making afternoons, yoga & pilates classes, meditation groups, as well as group events – theatre trips, exhibitions, nature excursions, social lunches and evenings 

Professional support starting up in private practice for both individuals and as part of groups

Upcoming Events
Discounts & Special Offers Currently Available 

Discounts are currently available for the following: 


Individuals booking for multiple events

Group bookings

Current Special Offers: 

Dr Karen Treisman - book to attend 3 days or 6 days and receive a discount

Please contact for more details and /or to arrange multiple event bookings, group bookings & Karen Treisman discounts. Offers do not not apply to any Soirées or the Setting Up in Private Practice training. 

Setting Up In Private Practice


Next Dates: October & November (SOLD OUT) / December 12th &13th / 

January 30th & 31st 

Lou Mason 

An excellent training course for anyone setting up in private practice for the first time or looking for refreshers on their existing practice. Full of tips, practical how-to advice, template paperwork and encouraging & enthusiastic support. 

Online Sessions run across two mornings: 10.00 - 13.30 on a Saturday & a Sunday with short screen breaks

Prices available on request 


An Adventure to the Frontier of Online Therapy 

Friday 30th October 7pm - 9pm 

Peer Networking Session 6.15pm - 6.45pm 


Lesley Simpson-Gray 

A talk + Q&A about Lesley's pioneering creative journey of discovery into new and exciting ways of working online with children​ & adolescents.

Donations from £10 

Developing & Repairing Trust in the Traumatised Child: Therapeutic & Caregiving Interventions 

Friday November 6th 2020 12 - 5.30pm (Dan)

Networking Sessions between 10am and 11.45am


Dan Hughes 

A rich and highly valuable day of learning from the fantastic Dan Hughes exploring ways of working with traumatised children. Will include time exploring Blocked Care, Blocked Trust, PACE, DDP based interventions, therapeutic & caregiving conversations and interventions both in therapy and at home.  


Online Harm & Online Safeguarding - Working with Online Issues in the Therapy Room 

Saturday 21st November 9.30am - 4.30pm


Cath Knibbs 

Cybertrauma is any trauma that a person suffers through or via digital devices or online spaces. For young people the prevalence of online abuse and harm is increasing alongside the complexities of the issues they face. This day will explore a wide range of areas, conversations and actions that can help us to understand cybertrauma; what is it, why do I need to know and how can I help?


Neglect, Shut Down States & Hard To Reach Clients: Therapeutic Challenges 

Saturday 23rd January 2021 9.30am - 1pm (Half Day workshop) 


Graham Music 

Working with people who seem shut-down can be de-skilling experiences for practitioners. 

This half-day workshop will examine working with clients who seem cut-off due to neglect, trauma or hopelessness, and the different challenges these states pose. As well as slides and video-clips, there will be space for an experiential exercises and discussion with your colleagues and speaker.


Introduction to Using Life Story Therapy to Support Children, Young People and Families

6th February 2021 9.30am - 4.30pm 


Paula Price 


This inspirational day from Paula is a great introduction to Life Story Therapy - what it is, how it works and how it can be used with children, young people and families. 

It also includes creative ideas and exercises used in LST that can be taken home and used in session straightaway. 


Creative and Expressive Tools and Ideas for Talking about Feelings and Emotions

20th February 2021 10am - 4pm 


Dr Karen Treisman 

This workshop will present an array of different creative and practical ideas and tools for talking about and expressing a range of feelings. These can be used in direct work with children and adults (including some virtually); as well as to bring in some expressive and creative tools in team meetings, supervision, and assessments. Karen will also share her well respected 7 E model for enriching and expanding therapeutic conversations.  

This workshop pairs well with the training on the following day, but can be attended on its own. 

£85 / £150 (if paired with Feb 21st) 

Emotional Regulation Tools & Ideas

21st February 2021 10am - 4pm 


Dr Karen Treisman 

This workshop will present some creative, physical, sensory, and cognitive emotional regulation tips and tools which can be used and transferred to work with children, adult, and parents, including for our own regulation and wellbeing. This will include breathing tools and technique, sensory ideas, creative extensions of the safe place exercise, grounding, and sensory boxes and much more.

This workshop pairs well with the training from the day before, but can be attended on its own.

£85 / £150 (if paired with Feb 20th) 

Transitions & Moving On

15th May 2021 10am - 4pm 


Dr Karen Treisman

This workshop offers some tools and ideas for supporting children and young people around transitions and moving on, such as moving to a new foster home, ending therapy, transitioning between schools, and other endings. 

£75 (limited early bird offer) / £85 

Understanding the Impact of Trauma in Children & Adolescents 

10th & 11th July 2021 9.30am - 4pm both days 


Dr. Karen Treisman

This two day version of Karen's brilliant trauma training allows for greater reflection and processing time, and enables her to go more in-depth in her approach. Essential CPD for anyone working with or supporting children, adolescents and young people.  

£225 (limited early bird offer) / £250 for both days

Lunch & refreshments included throughout both days

Supporting Children and Teens around Bereavement, Death and Grief

25th & 26th September 2021 10am - 4pm both days 


Dr Karen Treisman

Supporting children and teens (with applications for adults as well) around bereavement, death and grief

£150 (limited early bird offer) / £170 for both days 

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