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Mental health and emotional well-being are such important issues in today’s world. Head teachers and schools are increasingly taking initiatives and responsibility for how they promote whole school well-being as well as addressing the individual needs of each child. 


Through consultation, The Sunflower Network can help you to create a bespoke approach that is most appropriate for your school, its ethos, values, principles and approach, as well as each unique young person. 

We offer a wide range of external CPD and training for school staff and other professionals working with children and young people, and can also put together bespoke events for your school, your parents and your staff as required. 

Our Portfolio For Schools & Teachers:
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Workshops, talks and a wide range of continuing professional development opportunities for education and training 

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Whole school consultations covering child development needs, presenting issues for children, advice and training for staff promoting well-being

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Creating bespoke events – workshops / talks / experiences – for schools covering aspects of child mental health, emotional well-being and the scope of human potential 

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Consultation on the specific needs of individual children 

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Identifying children’s needs and making referrals within multi-disciplinary and multi-agency contexts

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